Equipped Outdoors Emergency Tent – Mylar Emergency Shelter – Backpacking Tent


  • Lightweight emergency Shelter for camping, hiking, or emergency kits.
  • Includes lightweight rope to prepare survival tent anywhere.
  • Made of durable Mylar to retain body heat in any situation.
  • Waterproof, foldable, and lightweight tent design.
  • All Equipped Outdoors Emergency Shelters come with a life time warranty.


Equipped Outdoors Mylar Tent is great for hunting, fishing, backpacking, camping or any other outdoor wilderness activity. In the sudden event of a storm and in need of immediate shelter, the mylar tent provides cover without the feel of a bulky tent. This emergency mylar tent will retain 90% body heat as well as help fight against hypothermia if used as a blanket. This material is made from NASA designed mylar and can be used in conjunction with a sleeping bag in extreme situation. No matter the situation, the mylar tent is a great addition to any emergency situation.

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