Equipped Outdoors Emergency Mylar Sleeping Bag 84” x 36” – Emergency Blanket


  • Compact and lightweight Emergency Sleeping Bag.
  • Made out of durable Mylar for any outdoor camping trip or adventure.
  • Lightweight sleeping bag making it easy to carry in any backpack or tactical pack.
  • Each Emergency sleeping bag aids in retaining body heat, is waterproof, and can be reused.
  • Each survival sleeping bag measures 84in in length and 36in in width.


Equipped Outdoors Sleeping Bag is the perfect survival tool for hunting, fishing, backpacking, camping or any other outdoor activity. This emergency mylar sleeping bag will retain 90% body heat as well as help fight against hypothermia in an emergency. This material is made from NASA designed mylar and can be used in conjunction with a sleeping bag in any extreme situation. No matter the situation, this is a must-have survival item for any outdoor adventure. Lightweight, small and compact when not in use, and a great addition to any emergency survival kit.

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